Frequently Asked Questions

Do You See Children?

Dr. Bohlman specializes in pediatric optometry. The staff are trained to work with children, especially special needs children. Our optical department carries all sizes of childrens’ frames for these special patients.

How do you know what prescription a child will need?

On small children as well as non-speaking adults, we use special eye drops called cyclogyl which primarily paralyzes the focusing muscles of the eye and secondarily dilates the pupil. By eliminating focusing temporarily, we can use a retinoscope to look into the eye and determine the correct prescription.

Are there contact lenses for patients who wear bifocals?

Yes, there are different ways to correct presbyopia (loss of focusing at near in adults usually over the age of 40). We use soft and rigid lenses to accomplish this correction. You must be evaluated to determine which type of correction would best suit your needs.

Do you take my insurance?

We take many insurances and our staff will gladly answer this question for you. Please call our office to find out.

What if there is an ocular emergency after your normal hours?

Dr. Cox and Dr. Bohlman are always on call. Simply call the office after hours and it will instruct you how to reach a doctor.

Can I have LASIK?

Dr. Cox and Dr. Bohlman are certified in LASIK care and will gladly determine if you are a candidate for laser vision correction. Simply call for an appointment and mention that you are interested in LASIK.

Do you recommend any online resources for vision information?

Yes, we highly recommend visiting to learn more about vision and eyecare.
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